Whether you’ll be sleeping in a tent or in the dormitory, please have a look at FAQ where you can check what you need to bring with you.

Tips to remember:

– Zenith does not provide sleeping bags or sleeping pads. Sleeping bags should be warm, as the night-time temperatures in the mountains can be chilly.

– If you’re bringing your own tent, make sure it’s waterproof, to keep you dry during the occasional summer downpour.

– Payments are required in advance when booking a tent or dormitory.

If you’re not bringing your own tent, you can choose one of the following options:

Tent Reservations

The outdoor sleeping areas are situated in the midst of the meadow and the pine trees. There are typically 30-40 tents set up in this area, and to stay here, you can bring your own tent or rent one of our round white tents, with a small platform inside. They are spacious and can be used by couples or families. Please bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad; we do not supply these items.

Price: CHF 120 per week for a small tent, or CHF 150 for a large tent.

Dormitory Reservations

You can sleep in a modern dormitory at the Hotel in Campra for CHF 35 per night.

Please contact the Hotel directly to book a space, and mention that you’re attending the Zenith Camp to receive this pricing:

Price Dormitory / 6 Nights: CHF 210

Other accommodations

Motor homes and vehicles: Participants who want to sleep in their motor home, caravan, or car can park at Campra. It is a 10 min. walk from there to Camp.

Rooms in Campra: To book a room in Campra, please visit

Rooms in Camperio: For participants with a car, there is the option of booking rooms in Camperio (approx. 3km from the camp). There are triple, double and single rooms with and without private bathroom. Prices vary between CHF 40 – 85 per night. Further information

Personal: You can also arrange for your own accommodations with the local tourist office. If you rent rooms in an area outside of Campra, you will need a car to travel back and forth from Camp.

To explore local options, contact the tourist office:
Via Lavorceno 1 CH 6718 Olivone

  1. +41 (0)91 872 14 87
  2. +41 (0)91 872 15 12


Blenio Tourist Information

Zona Lavorceno
CH-6718 Olivone

Ph: .+41 (0)91/ 872 1487
Fax: +41(0)91/ 872 1512