Food recipes

Cauliflower and green apple soup

1 cauliflower (roughly chopped)
2 green apples (sliced)
2 largish potatoes (sliced)
1 onion (thinly sliced)
4 cloves of garlic(finely chopped)
1L almond milk
Olive oil for frying
Salt pepper and nutmeg to taste

Heat up some oil in a pot over a medium to low heat. Sweat onions and garlic . Season. When onions are glassy, add cauliflower, apples and potato . Cover and sweat all ingredients on a low heat until cooked, stirred often to prevent sticking.

When cooked add milk and bring to boil. When once boiled, remove from heat and blend either in a blender or  with a stick mixer.

Adjust seasoning and grate fresh nutmeg and serve.

Banana bread

wet ingredients

6 very ripe bananas
250 ml vegetable oil
6 eggs

dry ingredients

150 g brown sugar
225 g plain flour
3 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tsp bicarb
1tbsp ground cinnamon
Pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 180 degrees and grease a  bread loaf tin. Mix all wet ingredients together well. Sift flour and mix together dry ingredients. Combine both mixes but be careful of over mixing.

Pour into bread tin and bake for 30-40mins or until a metal knife comes out clean from the center.

Turn out and allow to cool.

Olive bread spread

500 green olives (no pits)
4 cloves of garlic
200g toasted sunflower seeds
Extra virgin olive oil (if needed)
Pepper, chili oil to taste

Blend together all ingredients until there is a smooth paste. Use as much extra virgin olive oil as you need to blend and get a desirable consistency. Season to taste.

Chili spread

200g dryed birds eye chili (chilli de arbol)
Half a medium sized onion (cut into large slices)
3 cloves garlic
Oregano, salt and pepper to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to blend

In a hot dry frying pan fry chili,onion and garlic just until they start to colour.

Blend all together and use the extra virgin oil oil to combine. Season to taste.

Can also be made in a mortar and pestle.

White cabbage lasagna


2 large onions (sliced)
2 medium sized carrots (chopped)
2 medium sized zucchinis (chopped)
1 head of cabbage (sliced)

Vegan bechamel sauce

150 ml of any neutral oil
150 g flour
1L unsweetened soy milk

Lasagna sheets
Glass baking dish

For the filling: Begin by frying onions until glassy. Add carrots and zucchini and when half cooked add cabbage. Season with salt, pepper and fresh herbs and leave to cook on a low heat until cabbage is cooked. Set aside.

For the sauce: heat up the oil in a pot and add the flour. Combine and fry for 1 min. add the unsweetened soy milk gradually only adding more after its mixed through. Let simmer for 5 mins. Season.

Pre heat the oven to 180 and start layering the lasagna. Starting with a bottom layer of lasagna sheets make a layer of vegetable then sauce. Repeat for 2–3 more layers and finish with a layer of sauce.

Bake for 30 mins.

Cut into portions and serve.