“A pure life and a clean conscience are as two eyes for the soul.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

“The kitchen is in the camp but has its own life. We start every meal with a circle. Before we make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we tune in. We sing a prayer, we check in with how we’re doing. We always remember that when you work with food, you need to bring the energy of a clear, positive mind. With that, we make food that is nurturing, comforting, uplifting. Working together, we support each other and the entire group with our cooking.”

– Faz’l Stein

Our cooks lovingly prepare our meals with an understanding that delicious, unprocessed foods nourish the body, mind, and heart. Our vegetarian and often vegan meals are nutritious, filling, and spiritually strengthening. The food is pure and honest, following the culinary philosophy of vollwertig, a German term that describes foods that offer complete nutrition. To bring out the flavors, we cook with healing herbs and spices, and avoid processed foods. We use good fats like coconut oil. We have gluten-free and dairy-free options at every meal.  

The typical offerings for breakfast are fruit salad, yogurt, homemade muesli, breads, and jams. Lunch consists of fresh salads and an array of soups. For dinner, we make dahls, chana masala, Thai noodles, lasagna, and much more. We’re not ascetics here, so we don’t skip out on dessert: Our offerings include whole grain spelt cakes with apples, sweet sticky rice, and cranberry with puddings.