Life at Camp

Zenith Camp is a multi-week spiritual summertime retreat located in the mountains of the Swiss Alps. Alongside multiple programme options ranging in length from a few days to a full week, attendees enjoy a simple and comfortable camping experience in a truly majestic setting. We spend our nights under the stars in our own tents or in a shared dormitory, and during the daytime, the Camp offers access to delicious vegetarian meals, simple bathrooms, access to hot showers, a book shop, all-day tea service and, of course, many wondrous natural areas in which to wander. Learn more about accommodations. 

Some registrants come alone, others with a friend or partner, and a few with their entire family. Everyone is welcome!

Are you considering attending Zenith Camp for the first time? Reach out to us for further information and orientation.

Meditation and retreat remain the central focus of our gathering, while dance, movement, and music are integral as well. Although Zenith Camp’s origins rest in the teachings of the Sufi lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, programming today sparkles with diversity of teachers and topics that are in dialogue with modern life. Each week offers spaces for silent retreat, for workshops of various flavours, for conversation with new and old friends and, of course, for music.