Freedom from the Self

Freedom from the Self

Group Retreat with Malik Hirschberg & Batin Hermes
Week 1D, July 23rd – 29th, 2023

The aim of this week is to obtain an insight into the nature of the Self; beyond illusion, ideas and beliefs. What is the nature of thought and what is the unnameable that lies behind it?

We will understand what a quiet mind really means, realising the very source of the Self.

These silent meditations will be combined with the practices of yoga, in terms of breathing techniques and physical postures

Malik Hirschberg is a retreat guide and representative of the Inayatiyya Austria and has responsibility for the Inayatiyya sufi-centre in Vienna. In his profession, Malik is a dentist.


Batin Hermes is a retreat guide and leader in the International Inayatiyya order. She has lived and travelled extensively in India and currently abides in Europe where she works as a yoga teacher, art historian, freelance copy-editor/copy-writer, and intercultural and language trainer. She has two sons.


Jul 23 - 29 2023


All Day




Zenith Camp
Zona Campra 1, 6718 Olivone