Let Love Lead Your Soul

Let Love Lead Your Soul

Healing Group Retreat with Saki Lee, assisted by Latif Brinck
Week 3D, August 6th – 12th, 2023

“Let love lead your soul; let it be a place to retire to, a kind of monastery cave, a retreat for the deepest core of your being.” – Sufi mystic Attar of Nishapur

We are living at a time when there is much need for healing, renewal, and creative visioning in our world. Each of us is being called to awaken to the fullness and expression of our soul’s guiding love and light, and to embody and express its magnanimity and luminous presence in ways that are in alignment with the truth of who we are.

Our spiritual work is an important counterbalance to being overwhelmed and burdened by the weight and enormity of outer life’s challenges. As we turn within to listen and draw upon the rich inner resources of the soul, from there we can contribute to the healing and renewal that love is constantly beckoning us toward.

This small group retreat is an invitation for you to enter the sanctuary of love that is a guiding light within you. We meet in the mornings and evenings In the protected and beautiful silent retreat area of the Camp, which is luminous and vibrant with the many prayers, tears, longings, and transformational work that have taken place here for over 30 years.

Come and join us this summer to explore, examine and embrace the power of the soul in relationship with both our own personal inner life as well as with the wider soul of the earth, our shared home.

This retreat is dedicated to immersing ourselves in the higher frequencies of love, light and life, that we may cultivate greater ease to participating in the healing and renewal of our world.  

 Our week together includes:

  • – An optional early morning meditation 
  • – Daily healing breathwork and movement practices for strengthening body and mind 
  • – Sacred music, practices with light, the divine names and Zikr 
  • – Contemplative themes on love, the necessity of forgiveness and purification of the heart
  • – Suggested meditative walking practices on your own in nature
  • – Zikr, Sufi poetry and meditation in the evenings
  • – Opportunity for personal sittings 


Saki Lee serves as a senior teacher and  guide in the Inayatiyya International, as a mentor in the alchemical retreat guide training, and as a long time practitioner and wellness coach in East Asian medicine. She works with a local refugee project in the Netherlands, and organizes Music of Life programmes to bring people together from diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Her bliss is singing with people, and she is a mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace. 

Latif Peter Brinck is from Santiago, Chile, where he is active as an Inayatiyya representative and guide, as well as a teacher for the Dances of Universal Peace. He currently serves as co-head of the Kinship concentration for the Inayatiyya International, and has been a familiar friend and loving presence at our Camp for many years as a retreat guide. During this year’s retreat Latif will lead the early morning meditations and will also be available for individual consultation each day for questions or clarification on the practices of the retreat process.


Aug 06 - 12 2023


All Day




Zenith Camp
Zona Campra 1, 6718 Olivone