The Oneness of Being – “Beyond Limitation”

The Oneness of Being – “Beyond Limitation”

Group Retreat with Faz’l Stein
Week 4D, August 13th – 19th, 2023

The silent retreat allows us a wonderful time and opportunity of temporary retreat from our daily lives and to step out of the spiral of our thoughts and actions. 

Silence supports us on our journey to our true Self, Being.

We immerse ourselves in what the Sufis call, the oneness of being. We gaze with the eye of the heart , connecting with Source, nourishing our subtle energies and moving through the different levels of consciousness, knowing “All is One”. During this time we also meet our so-called shadows, inadequacies, fears or other obstacles, among others. 

Through work and attunement to the “most beautiful names”, to the masters, saints and prophets, to the extraordinary nature around us, through intensive self-analysis and self-exploration (muhasaba), breathing exercises, concentration, contemplation and meditation, especially also through zikr (remembrance), we set out on the path to healing, to the source, to experiences of inner light, being, bliss and true peace.

Through this immersion in oneness we get the opportunity to look at the things of life in a completely new way. We return to the world clear, awake, full of light and with an open heart.

No previous knowledge necessary, just the willingness & openness for Sufi meditation and silence.

Faz’l Hermann Stein has been accompanying people in retreats, on their spiritual path and also in everyday life for many years. On his many journeys he has encountered the teachings and teachers of the most diverse traditions and religions. What touches him deeply in his heart is the “path of the Sufis”. He has been a Senior Teacher & Retreat Guide with the Sufis for many years. Without adhering to certain concepts, theories or dogmas, he supports people on their path to freedom and to their heart, peace and bliss.


Aug 13 - 19 2023


All Day




Zenith Camp
Zona Campra 1, 6718 Olivone