The Freedom of What If

July 17th–19th 2020
Creative Workshop with Majida Heiß, Zuleikha, Pir Zia & Mirza Inayat Khan, Stella Biel, Maureen Zollinger & Ula Wyss

“The human spirit lives on creativity and dies in conformity and routine.” Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

The inspiration for this seminar is to be found in the two words from Pir Vilayat that immediately remind us of what is possible – “what if?”

For it is here that what troubles us can meet our imagination and in this intermingling new possibility is born for ourselves, each other and the world.

In our time together we will:

  • Connect to our bodies and explore our relationship to freedom. Zulekhia will be our guide.
  • Let the wisdom of stories be the catalyst for our hearts to remember who we really are. Pir Zia and Mirza Inayat Khan will be our storytellers
  • Work with our imagination and our hands to guide us to the world of new possibilities. Stella and Subhana will be our imagination catalysts.

We will also have a special session for parents and children to come together and feel how the power of creativity can help us be ourselves. Majida will be our guide.

This weekend is for all those that are thirsty to be in spaces with people of all ages from around the world, and those of us who might not see ourselves as being creative but are willing to let our curiosity take us on the journey of wonder.

Schedule (Central European Time):

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July 17th

2.00pm – 2.45pm CET: Workshop with Majida

3.00pm – 4.15pm CET: Session 1

4.45pm – 6.00pm CET: Session 2

8.00pm – 9.30pm CET: Evening programme

July 18th

2.00pm – 2.45pm CET: Workshop with Majida

3.00pm – 4.15pm CET: Session 1

4.45pm – 6.00pm CET: Session 2

8.00pm – 9.30pm CET: Evening programme (Sema)

July 19th

2.00pm – 2.45pm CET: Workshop with Majida

3.00pm – 4.15pm CET: Session 1

4.45pm – 6.00pm CET: Session 2

8.00pm – 9.30pm CET: Universal Worship

To make the workshops as accessible as possible, we offer three different price ranges. Once you select the ticket, you’ll then have to fill out your personal information and proceed to payment, where you can choose between Credit Card, Paypal and bank transfer. We will send the Zoom links in a separate mail before the seminar starts.

Majida Heiß

Majida Heiß has been working with children and their families for 40 years. Since 1990 she has been following the Sufi Path and has interwoven her longtime educational experiences with children with her spiritual work. Since 2015 she offers workshops for families in our camp. As a mother of two adult children, she knows about the topics of spiritual education. In her project “Garden of loving kindness” her professional and personal experiences come together.

In her professional life, Majida works as a spiritual guide and coach for groups and individual trainings with adults, children and families. In the social pedagogical family assistance she accompanies parents and their children in the challenges of everyday life. She also works as a parent coach in a parent-child institution.



ZULEIKHA is an inspired international performer, movement artist, and educator. Her innovative Take a Minute™ Everyday Self-Care Exercises and BodyListening© Movement Arts draw on movement, breath, and rhythm to integrate heart and mind, body and spirit. Founder/Director of the nonprofit organization The Storydancer Project, Zuleikha works worldwide to bring greater health, resilience and joy to girls, women, children, and families who face challenging life circumstances.
Zuleikha is renowned for her “Storydance” performances and for creative collaborations celebrating the poetry of Rumi. She is the recipient of humanitarian awards for her work in the world promoting positive personal and social change.


Subhana Maureen Zollinger

Subhana Maureen Zollinger studied contemporary dance in Germany and now works as a freelance performer and teacher.

In her eyes, being an artist for means to be playful and open to whatever comes as we take away our inner critic and connect to our essence. She was 6 years old, when she started going to the swiss Zenith camp with her parents, and has found it to be her yearly sanctuary ever since. At 17, she was initiated and started a deeper journey onto the Inayati sufi path. Her dream is to connect movement and creativity with inner processes to create workshops and classes, for dancers to connect more to their essence but also for everyone to let the body and soul communicate.


Ula Wyss

As a dancer, speaker and teacher , Ula Wyss loves expressing creativity through movement and her voice. She brings out the courageous self in the people who she works with, and believes that having the courage to follow your intuition is at least half the equation of reaching your dreams. Ula studied Contemporary Dance in Germany and has been speaking in front of audiences since High School, and currently lives in Malaysia.