Throughout the four weeks we offer extra curricular activities.

Workshops for families during the lunch break in week 2, 3 and 4

Majida will offer a spiritual orientated family workshop for parents and their children. This special workshop will give the parents and their children the opportunity to share a time together in love, joy and happiness.

According to the theme “Take your time” we want to relax, sing, dance, play and laugh together. We dive into our bodies, hearts and souls and learn to listen to our needs and the needs of others. We nourish our blossoms and enjoy the “Garden of Loving Kindness”.

Majida Heiß

Majida Heiß is a spiritual teacher, representative of the Inayatiorder and Cherag and a follower of the Sufi path since 1990.

For the last 20 years she has led our Children’s Camp, where her longtime educational experiences with children and her spiritual work came together. Since 2015 she offers workshops for families in our Camp. As a mother of two adult children she also knows about the topics of spiritual education. In her project “Garden of loving kindness” her professional and personal experiences come together. Her pleasure is to create gardens of loving kindness.

In her professional life, Majida works as a spiritual guide and as coach for groups and  individual trainings, with adults, children and families.


Whirling Classes during the lunch break in week 2

Fatimabi and Alaudin Grieger will be offering whirling classes in week 2.

Fatimabi Monika Grieger

Monika Fatima Bi Grieger is the founder and leader of the Sufi Centre Omega in Zürich. As senior teacher in the Inayati Sufi Tradition and Semazen (whirling derwish) in the Mewlewi Tradition she has a special relation to the dance of the whirling dervishes, which she teaches as the prayer of the heart. Since over 30 years Fatimabi is guiding people into a spirituality full of ecstasy, depth and freedom.

Alaudin Grieger

Alaudin Grieger, psychologist and psychotherapist, devotee – student and teacher- in the Chisti-Inayati tradition, semazen in the Mevlevi tradition.
practiced meditation and exercise, whirling as prayer in motion.
“Where ever you turn is the face of God.” 


Qigong during the lunch break in week 3

Ralf Rousseau will offer a Qigong workshop. The movements of Qigong are designed bring harmony to body, mind, soul and environment. 

He will teach a Qigong sequence, which the participants can continue to practice after the workshop.

Ralf Rousseau

Ralf Rousseau leads the school for Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation in Saarbrücken. He studied with different teachers from China and Europe and teaches these wonderful arts since more than 30 years. In 1992 he met Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan for the first time and since that he feels a strong connection  to the sufi path. He is a body orientated psychotherapist and instructor for the „dances of universel peace“.