Group Retreat with Aziz Dikeulias

Week 4D  August 14th – 20th, 2022
Group Retreat with Aziz Dikeulias


“Let the heavens be reflected in the earth, Lord, that the earth may turn into heaven.” 
– Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan

Murshid talks about “the awakened souls, whose bodies are here, whose hearts are in the spheres of the jinn and whose souls are in the heaven of the angels, who, while on earth, can experience all the planes of existence.”

This is rather difficult whilst dealing with the all-consuming turmoil of the everyday life, so we take a little time off, and go on retreat, to discover and reconnect to the essence of our being, feel the harmony and inspiration of the jinn plane in our hearts and hear the music of the angelic spheres “Saut-i Sarmad” lifting us beyond the worries and limitations of our perceptions of reality.

This is where we can accept the gifts and insights of an awareness beyond cause and effect, beyond laws and dogmas, bathed in the light of pure consciousness, love and acceptance of what we were, of what we are becoming and of who we shall be.

The retreat is open to all sincere seekers willing to take a vow of silence for its duration and follow the guidance by doing, to the best of one’s ability, the practices shared by the guide, in the alchemical tradition of the Inayatiyya.

Aziz Dikeulias is a senior guide in the Inayati Order and has been guiding retreats since 1984.All sessions will be simultaneously translated into German. If you are interested in joining this journey, please contact me either through Zenith, or directly at: