The Intimacy of Belonging

Week 3A  August 7th – 13th, 2022
Movement Workshop with Robin Becker


The body is the capacity we have been given through which to experience life. 
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

In the Sufi Tradition, all of creation is considered an expression of divine intelligence. The human body is comprised of and nourished by the fabric of the planet. Like a wave rising in the ocean with its unique expression followed by a return to the ocean, the body is a similar manifestation of the earth. We all intimately belong to an ocean of wholeness, unity, and love.

Throughout our five days together, we will weave together the perspectives of the Sufi Tradition with the somatic practice of Continuum. All life, including the body, has been shaped by the movement of water, and in Continuum, the body is understood as a boundless process of fluid movement rather than form.  Our water-filled bodies are highly sensitive liquid crystalline structures that are designed to receive and transmit the vibrations of life. The body’s method of communication is through the language of sensation. As we learn to expand our perceptual skills and sensory awareness, we invite a deeper experience of life to become consciously embodied within us. We can directly sense our essential, far-reaching participation in the life of the planet and learn to ‘hear’ the call of the earth and the call of the heavens through the non-verbal movements and response of our being.

Please join us for 5 days of embodied inquiry, discovery, rest and renewal.

This seminar is appropriate and safe for everyone at all levels of movement capacity. No previous movement experience is required