Call of the heart: The Art of Remembrance

August 3rd – 6th 2020
Zikr with Zuleikha


Zikr is the language of love, and love is the language of the heart. Inside this love, there are no words. All thoughts merge into this love ocean. Join Zuleikha in the timeless practice of Remembrance. This is an invitation into the practice of the Zikr, using melody, chant and rhythm with the guidance of Zuleikha.

Love is the way.

Heart is the destination.

This week of Zikr with Zuleikha is a live experience. There will be no recordings of this week, by participants or Zenith.


Schedule (Central European Time):

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August 3rd

4.45pm – 6.45pm CET

August 4th

4.45pm – 6.45pm CET

August 5th

4.45pm – 6.45pm CET

August 6th

4.45pm – 6.45pm CET

To make the workshops as accessible as possible, we offer three different price ranges. Once you select the ticket, you’ll then have to fill out your personal information and proceed to payment, where you can choose between Credit Card, Paypal and bank transfer. We will send the Zoom links in a separate mail before the seminar starts.


Trained in music, movement and mysticism by Master teachers of eastern and western lineages, international Storydancer and educator, Zuleikha, is an ambassador for Unity in artistic and spiritual expression. 

As a Storydancer and performer, Zuleikha has been described as “a singular figure on the horizon of sacred theater and dance” (Edinburgh Guide). She is renown for her collaborations with the celebrated poet/ translator of Rumi’s poetry, Coleman Barks, across America in the Rumi Concert, with award-winning world musicians. Zuleikha loves Zikr.

She is a conductor of this practice, leading groups of people through active Oneness meditation that often combines silence, sitting, melody and motion.