Our Spiritual Journey: Becoming the love that unites heaven and earth as One

Our Spiritual Journey: Becoming the love that unites heaven and earth as One

Workshop with Sarida Brown & Aziz Dikeulias
Week 4B, August 13th – 19th, 2023

Love is the essence of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s revelation, and the Inner Journey he offers is the way we explore the role of the ego or nafs, towards realising the True Self with all that it means; continuing with introducing the angel-soul and its loving guidance; and then the wonder and beauty of Oneness with the Source of All.  Our aim is to become aware of the unseen world around us and open to becoming a part of it, learning to do the loving Will rather than our separate will and, in this way, uniting heaven and earth as One. 

For this week, we will continue deepening our journey together, listening and sharing our inspiration through awareness, meditation, prayer, poetry and music. The emphasis is on affirming each person’s experience in unfolding their true nature and joyfully removing the accumulated veils that ascribe limits to our limitless being.

Sarida Brown has been in the Sufi path since 1975 when she met Pir Vilayat – the father of Pir Zia. She has held meditation classes since 1977, and from 1979 to 2021 was responsible for re-establishing the Sufi healing work in Europe. She taught for Suluk, teaches and guides retreats for the Inner School and Inayatiyya Healing, and is an occasional guest teacher for New Rain Online. Encouraged by Pir Vilayat, she founded and edited Caduceus Journal for 20 years till 2006; she has been practising acupuncture since 1974, and completed the BodySoul Rhythms programme with Jungian analyst, Marion Woodman.

Aziz Dikeulias officially joined the Sufi Caravan in 1982 mainly because it mirrored his fundamental belief and knowledge of the unity of all religions. He has spent 40 years teaching Mathematics to Inner London teenagers, trying to inspire them through  the indisputable logic and elegance of pure thinking, simultaneously discovering the elegance, logic and depth of Sufi teaching that went beyond the inability of rational thinking to resolve paradoxes. Aziz is a senior teacher and guide of the Inayatiyya Sufi Order and has led retreats and workshops for 40 years in Europe and North Africa. He is a Siraj in the Universal Worship, teacher of the Dances of Universal Peace, mentor for retreat guides in training, and a friend to many seekers on the spiritual path. He has introduced a lot of pilgrims in retreats to deserts in Morocco, Sinai and the Sahara and simply lives for music. Growing up in Greece, he is fully committed to the Delphi instruction of “Know Thyself” and helps people discover the divine strength or power that is beyond the dualism of praise and blame. This is the strength that naturally flows from intrinsic, essential worth.


Aug 13 - 19 2023


All Day




Zenith Camp
Zona Campra 1, 6718 Olivone