As a staff member you have a time consuming and responsible job. It gives you the chance to dive intensively into the work process of the camp, and to be involved in co-creating your staff job in a constructive way.

As staff members we will meet each other regularly, to share our experiences, to coordinate the different areas, to support each other energetically. Working in the staff can be an intense mode of being on a spiritual path, in which we have the chance to serve in something great like the camp, or to bring real existent situations and spiritual ideals of Sufism together in our work.

The following guidelines apply for working full-time in the staff:

  • Staff work full-time, about 6 hours a day (this can vary and depends on the kind of job).
  • The minimum time commitment for Staff is 2 weeks.
  • Staff do not have to pay the registration fee, however additional family members who may join you, will need to pay for their own registration.
  • As a Staff member, the job is the more important aspect of your participation and will take much of your time and your energy. You will have more responsibility than if you participate in the work study program and be expected to prioritize your job over participation in camp.
  • The working week starts Sunday morning and ends Saturday evening. The first general Staff Meeting will take place on Saturday evening 19:00 (7:00 pm) in the lower workshop tent, immediately after dinner.
  • Because most jobs start early on Sunday morning, it’s important that staff members arrive on Saturday to get installed in the camp before work starts on Sunday! This is absolutely essential for a smooth workflow of all full staff workers in the camp.
  • Depending on your work area, there will be further work meetings with the person who is responsible for your work area. You will be informed about where and when at the general Staff Meeting on Saturday at 19:00.
  • All full-time staff-workers get a free day each week, which has to be taken in that same week. (Children’s crew have free on Sunday)