Work Camp

Every summer, a group of volunteers gathers to build the Camp from scratch and to manage the activities and logistics. Once Camp has ended, the volunteers dismantle everything.

To participate in the Work Camp means lots of physical work, healthy mountain air, sweating under the hot sun, but also sometimes shivering in the rain and cold wind. It means good food, simple community living, making friends, meditating alone or with others, discovering and rediscovering dormant qualities in one self, and in between again and again to be made speechless by the majesty of the mountains.

This time offers the possibility to unite spirituality, work and play in community. Together we will be creating a space and atmosphere that will welcome the invited teachers and all participants, and offer them the possibility to create and follow the different programs in a supportive environment. It also offers a chance to be with people from countries with diverse cultures and languages.

We need people with a variety of skills from carpenters to people that like cooking for 25 people! But all are welcome as what we need most are helping hands and it is always possible to learn new skills.

Working during Camp

The work during Camp involves taking care of about 150-300 guests; help with cooking, cleaning, and serving, attending to the tea-kitchen and the dishwashing facilities, tending to the needs of the retreatants, taking care of the children, running the bookshop and the audio system, welcoming the arriving guests, registering participants and helping them with their questions, driving the bus, and in general supervising the smooth functioning of all that has been built in the previous weeks.

Those working with the full-time staff during the summer set the tone and are the heartbeat of Camp. The fun, love, cooperation, and harmony that we share become contagious to all.

Below you’ll find some visual impressions from the Workcamp – click on an image to view it full-screen.



The take-down process also offers a wonderful opportunity to feel your body again after an intense time of meditation, to be in good company, or simply to spend some more time in those marvellous mountains before we all go out into the world again. After the abundance of experiences in Camp, it’s cathartic, yet bittersweet, to deconstruct, pack, and store everything away, leaving our retreat to the mountains, the meadows, and cows.

Requirements for work camp and take-down

  • A minimum of 2 weeks is required.
  • One week of free programme is given in exchange for 5 weeks of Work Camp; for shorter periods helping in Work Camp, reductions in fees are determined based on this proportion.
  • Staff members who work from the beginning of Work Camp, through Camp, until the end of Take-down (11 weeks) will receive a donation for travel expenses.
  • Unfortunately we cannot accommodate families


During work camp and take down we will be living in dormitories in a wooden cabin near the campsite or if you feel you would need some more privacy, you can also pitch your tent nearby with a view of the mountains.

You must apply for Work Camp in advance and be approved in order to participate.