Universal Worship

July 19th, July 26th, August 2nd, August 9th

UNIVERSAL WORSHIP is the inter-religious activity of the Inayatiyya, promoting harmony between the world’s major religious traditions, primarily through the Universal Worship service. In this service, ordained facilitators (cherags) light candles symbolically representing the world’s religious traditions and introduce participants to an experience of the teachings, music, or chants of these traditions.


Schedule (Central European Time):

7.15pm CET – 8.45pm CET

Click here to see which timezone you’re in, and to calculate the time difference to CET (Berlin, Paris).

To make the Universal Worship as accessible as possible, it is free for all who would like to participate, wether for one session or throughout the whole Camp. Once you select the ticket (and optional donation), you’ll then have to fill out your personal information to receive the ticket. We will send the Zoom links in a separate mail before the Worship starts.