Heaven and Earth: From Duality to Unity

Heaven and Earth: From Duality to Unity
Week 1D, July 24th – 30th, 2022
Group Retreat with Malik Hirschberg & Batin Hermes

Two persons may talk and discuss all their lives and yet never understand one another; and two others with still minds look at one another and in one moment a communication is established between them.
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Over the course of this week, we will discover, together, our inner relationship to the sacred; the manifestation of silence and the holy spheres within life and the earthly world.
When we discover and recognize the inner truth of the self as the reflection of the eternal, our entire attitude and perception of the manifested world is transformed.
We will follow an inner transformation towards silence and clarity, by means of guided concentration and practices, and supported by yoga

During the Group Retreat, participants walk together on the path of awareness, peace, and silence. Usually the mornings are spent meditating together, using breath, concentration, wazaif (mantras of the 99 holy attributes of God), and zhikr (practice of remembrance). During the afternoons there is time for individual practices, given by the guide leading the retreat. Evenings end with zhikr or other group spiritual practice.

A group can carry us far beyond the realisations we have had so far, and these awakenings are sometimes easier to achieve in a collective meditation, when the individual energies merge into one.


Jul 24 - 30 2022


All Day




Zenith Camp
Zona Campra 1, 6718 Olivone