Music – Food for the Soul

Music – Food for the Soul

Music Workshop with Mehmet & Ali Ungan
Week 3B, August 6th – 12th, 2023

In this workshop we will create a sound kitchen together, combining makams and rhythms into a delicious dish for the soul. Each makam (scale) imparts its own flavor and puts us in a particular mood. In addition, we will sweeten our time with mystical poetry and stories of the crazy Hoca Nasreddin.

The songs will be from the Turkish-Anatolian Sufi traditions such as Nefes (hymns) and Illahis (praise songs) and interwoven with the most beautiful names of God and the Zikr.
Furthermore, in the ancient Turkish shamanic, pentatonic music, the songs are connected with archetypal healing movements and practiced together.

All are welcome. Previous knowledge or being a musician is not necessary.

Mehmet Ungan is a sociologist, musician, lecturer and chairman of the board of the Oriental Music Academy in Mannheim, Germany. As a lecturer at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Mehmet Ungan teaches Islamic-mystical music. At the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, he teaches transcultural music in social work. With his Sufi music group Hosh Neva he gives guest performances at intercultural and interreligious events all over Europe. He owes his virtuosity on his instruments Ud and Ney to his two teachers Necati Çelik and Ömer Erdogdular (pupil of the legendary Ney master Niyazi Sayin). Mehmet Ungan studied with Oruç Güvenç and for decades has dedicated his life to healing through sound.

Ali Ungan is a graduate chemist with additional qualifications in ancient oriental music therapy and archetypal movement in relation to Turkish-Central Asian music cultures, which he completed with Prof. Oruc Güvenc. He acquired masterclass certificates for baglama from the renowned Erdal Erzincan and Erol Parlak and for tanbur from Murat Aydemir. He is co-founder of the Free Intercultural Waldorf School Mannheim and the Oriental Music Academy Mannheim (OMM). Ali carries out intercultural music projects at various schools based on his concept “Transcultural learning through music and movement”. He works as a lecturer at the State University for Music and Performing Arts Mannheim, the University of Education Heidelberg and the Federal Academy Trossingen with a focus on transcultural music education, group music and an introduction to oriental music practice. Furthermore, he is a juror at Jugend musiziert in Baden-Württemberg, performs internationally and conducts workshops on baglama, rebab, tanbur and guitar.


Aug 06 - 12 2023


All Day




Zenith Camp
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