The Essence of Being – Young Adults

The Essence of Being

Young Adults (18 – 30) Retreat with Zuleikha & Jacob Miraj Dominicus
Week 3C, August 6th – 12th, 2023

“When the unreality of life pushes against my heart, its door opens to the reality.”  – Hazrat Inayat Khan 

Sometimes life starts to feel curiously unreal. Between wars, climate change, comparing ourselves to others, being lost in scrolling, and feeling at the mercy of institutional power, we might ask ourselves: Is this all life is? Is this reality?
The wise people throughout all traditions, cultures, and eras have answered: No, there is more.
According to the wise, not only is the world more than it seems, but at your core, you are more than you seem.

Join us this summer as we explore Sufi approaches to reconnecting with the essence of being. In the essence, we find freedom from the unreality of life. And in that freedom, we find the joy of becoming who we’ve always known we truly are.   

We will work with the breath, movement, mantric yoga, the invocation of sacred phrases, journaling, inquiry and guided meditations and contemplations for the heart as passed along through eastern and western mystical traditions.


International performer through the art of Storydance and creator of TAKE A MINUTE® Self-Care works, Zuleikha inspires dynamic creativity and rejuvenation. As Innovator and educator, she shares the gift of movement medicine through simplicity in expression and feeling, to engage an open heart and to live a life of well being. Renowned for her Storydance performances, Rumi Concert collaborations and innovative teaching, Zuleikha is an award recipient for her humanitarian work promoting positive personal and social change.
“I was always trying to weave harmony through space with my body,” she says. Trained in music, movement and mysticism by Master teachers of eastern and western lineages, international Storydancer and educator, Zuleikha is an ambassador for Unity in artistic expression. Her formal education in contemporary and traditional dance and music gave her a strong foundation and understanding of the relationship between movement and music. She sought to create a feeling-based artistic dance practice. Zuleikha is the Founder/Director of the international non-profit, The Storydancer Project, which uses Transformative Self-Care Movement for positive change in marginalized communities from India to U.S. and Navajo Nation.,

Jacob Miraj Dominicus has been a student of Sufism for 20 years. He has 15 years’ experience in founding start-ups and working with them and Fortune 250 companies in the fields of organizational strategy, video production, marketing, and storytelling. Jacob holds a BA from New York University in Mysticism and Organizational Behaviour.


Aug 06 - 12 2023


All Day




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