Prayer from the Heart

July 22nd – August 5th 2020
Workshop with Alia Arnesen


Hazrat Inayat Khan knew that prayer is something very private, and when he met his new murids in the west, he encouraged them to continue using their personal prayers.
But already in his time, 100 years ago, religious practice and praying from the heart had started to decline. Together with his close companions, the murshidas, they created a set of new prayers for those who had lost their tradition.

Some of the prayers were called hymns. Being musician, Murshid often used musical words like tone and rhythm to explain spirituality. To establish a harmonious rhythm in body and mind is essential for our wellbeing. Finding your own and unique tone is like returning to your natural self and to reconnect with the source

Alia has explored prayers like Saum, Salat/Salawat, Invocations, Nayaz, Nazar and Prayer for the Universel in song and meditation. She offers to share some reflections on prayer; the words with their vibrations and meanings and how to explore them in your own tone and rhythm. You are welcome to write her for questions and support both before and after your sessions together

Harmony is God’s gift to us, and melody is our call to God   
Old proverb  


Schedule (Central European Time):

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July 22nd

3.00pm – 4.30pm CET

July 29th

3.00pm – 4.30pm CET

August 5th

3.00pm – 4.30pm CET

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