Staff application form

Whether you are applying to join us for Work Camp and/or Take Down, Work Study, or to be Staff, you must complete this Registration form. Please don’t come without our prior approval, and send us your applications AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, especially if you want to help in the work camp.

If you have any questions, please contact us under
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Personal details

Spiritual Name
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Full names and date of birth

Duration of Stay

Staff (during Camp)
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Work-study (during Camp)
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Arriving or leaving during the week?


Technical and handicraft experience
Large quantity cooking
Experience in childcare
Experience in administration and bookkeeping
Experience with electronics and sound systems
Driving a minibus/truck

Other questions

We know that this may be uncomfortable to share but we have learnt that it makes it easier for you and the group if you can. This information will stay confidential.
Participation in the Camp happens at your own risk. Zenith Institute cannot be held responsible for any illnesses, injuries or their implications occurring during your stay here, your participation, or your voluntary help in the Camp. We recommend that you take out your own medical insurance (travel health insurance/travel accident insurance). For EU residents the EHIC card (formerly E 111) enables your health insurance to be valid in other European countries, including Switzerland. It is free, but you may need to ask for it several weeks in advance).(Required)
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