The Seven Sisters – The Teachings of Hazrat Inayat-Khan

Week 1A July 19th – 25th 2020
Seminar with Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

The Inner School, Kinship, Universal Worship, Ziraat, Healing, the Knighthood of Purity, and Music are the Pleiades of the Inayatiyya, our sevenfold constellation for navigating the sea of life.

The Inner School teaches the way of silence and remembrance. Kinship investigates the interrelatedness of all beings. Universal Worship unveils the single hierohistory that encompasses the revelations of all ages. Ziraat communicates the sanctity of the earth. Healing transforms suffering through spiritual realisation with prayer, light and breath. The Knighthood elucidates the contours of the awakened conscience. Music nourishes the soul with invisible beauty.

Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “Life is not only to live, but also to ennoble oneself and reach that perfection which is the innate yearning of the soul.”

In this week of meditation, discourse, conversation, and audition, we will rededicate our lives to the sacred purpose for which we were born.

Pir Zia will be joined by the Vice Presidents of the activities in giving this programme:
Sarida Brown (Healing), Firos Holterman (Ziraat), Zumurrud Butta (Universal Worship),  Alia Arnesen (Purity of Knighthood), Halim Knobel (Kinship).
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For this program a supplement of CHF 85 is to be added to the “base price”.

Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, familiarly known as Sarafil Bawa, is a teacher of Sufism in the lineage of his grandfather, Hazrat Inayat Khan. He received his Ph.D. in Religion from Duke University. His books include Saracen Chivalry: Counsels on Valor, Generosity, and the Mystical Quest and Mingled Waters: Sufism and the Mystical Unity of Religions. Pir Zia is president of The Inayati Order and founder of Suluk Academy. Now based in Richmond, Virginia, Pir Zia frequently travels. His schedule can be found at